Hello... is it me you're looking for??

As you probably know, most of my social media following has been dismantled.
The most recent rounds of shadowbanning and deplatforming nailed the coffin.
Even 3 of the mainstream fundraising platforms have denied my applications.
My last hope is to continue growing my offline network.
I don't fully trust ANY website that I don't control.
And I'm also cautious when bringing new friends into my inner circle.
The level of urgency is as high as ever.
My team is on the ground and working behind the scenes.
If you truly want to be part of the solution, hit me up.

Being cut off from most of the digital world is kinda lonely.
The positive and negative energy from my audience are what keep me going!
It takes a great deal of time and discipline to do this work everyday.
I love to spark the most relevant and controversial conversations.
Hopefully, you enjoy and respect intelligent discourse as much as I do.
I have created a decentralized, private chat for my supporters.
These safe zones are the only places I share my actual plans.
All of my previous online campaigns have been sabotaged or hacked.
I now only distribute the vital info via secure email messages.
There is no time to deal with technical difficulties or wasted time!
I produce videos, manage campaigns for PACs, and mentor young activists.
These are my PASSIONS.
But they don't pay a salary.
I walked away from my business to do something powerful.
Now I just need enough money to keep gas in my car and pay half of the rent.
Please help out via Cash App or Paypal if you can.
Thanks again for reaching out.

Thank you!

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